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palm beach county remodeler reviews

Very professional, easy to work with, did everything that I asked of them, always on time, a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them very highly to anyone that requires their type of service.
- Ira
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JS-1 was able to clear up permits for us in a quick and efficient way. All signed permits were provided to us when the job was complete. We would recommend Jane and her company.
- Lucky
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js1 construction reviews

Experienced Remodeling Company Serving Palm Beach and Broward Counties

JS-1 Construction is the local leading Palm Beach/Broward County remodeling company, and have been since 2003. Considered both specialists and problem solvers for niche branches of the industry such as aging in place, universal design and hurricane protection solutions, we take this line of work seriously. We pride ourselves on being “lifestyle contractors” and strive to remove barriers that could limit the way you live in your house.

Simply put, we want to be able to help make your home safer, smarter and more user-friendly. Yet too many homeowners think that this has to mean making a choice between a beautiful home and a utilitarian looking one. We believe in offering a final result that is as aesthetically stunning as it is functional.

Not all homeowners have the same needs. Our goal is to find out more about what you need to accomplish, in order to have free range and accessibility, within the confines of your own residential dwelling. We have made it a point to stay ahead of the industry and learn new skills, embrace new ideas and work with an open mind as we traverse this ever changing field.


Remodeling Company, kitchen remodeling palm beach county

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling in Palm Beach/Broward County is essential because it gives everyone in the home the ability to make use of this culinary space. Standard building guidelines means countertops, cabinets and even light switches may not be accessible for some people. Our Remodeling Company’s universal design approach to kitchen remodeling can help to change all of this.

All of these obstacles are ones that we can help to overcome with proper design techniques. Let us provide you with real-world solutions that will change how you use your kitchen. Don’t settle for inferior work or a kitchen you simply cannot put to full use.

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Remodeling Company, bathroom remodeling palm beach county

Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to make sure you have transformed into a user-friendly space. This includes making it as safe as possible with details like slip resistant flooring and temperature controls outside the shower, to avoid scalding. Our Remodeling Company can help to update and upgrade your comfort room and ensure that you will have a better ability to use it with ease.

We have worked with a variety of clients over the years and know all the options available, depending on your disability or individual needs. We take great pride in being able to help so many homeowners gain the ability to safely and securely use their bathroom.

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Remodeling Company, universal design palm beach county

Aging In Place: Multi Generational Living

One of the benefits of getting older should be to retire and get to spend more time relaxing at home. Yet, for too many people this ends up not being the case. Limited mobility and other physical restrictions threaten to lead to make the transition to an assisted living facility.

We feel it is important for seniors to be able to stay in their home all throughout their golden years. Let us show you the many ways in which we can transform your home and make it a more accessible space, for a multitude of generations.

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Remodeling Company, home remodeling permits palm beach county

Permits & Violation Remedy Professionals

Discovering that you have open permits or violations can be one of the most frustrating things a homeowner has to face. Sometimes, these infractions are the result of the previous homeowner, but you are still left cleaning up the mess.

The good news is that we have the experience needed to offer the most helpful advice and service, as specialists in this field. We want to be able to help you resolve your existing issue, in a prompt and professional manner.

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Why You Can Trust Us With Your Florida Renovation Needs

The bottom line is that you can count on the crew here at our Remodeling Company to get the job done, and execute it with skill and precision. The work we do is as much about functionality as it is beautiful visual aesthetics. We look forward to having the opportunity to partner with you and provide you with the remodeling service you need and the quality results that you deserve.


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